Montserrat Sans-serif typeface. Simple and easy to use, all purpose & reusable small lettering stencils available in 1/4 inch to 5 inch sizes.

Montserrat is a elegant serif typeface which was designed by William Montserrat in 1734. This is a 1700's / 18th century style Roman, Serif, Times New Roman inspired typeface.

Montserrat Small Letter Stencils

Small legible alphabet letters for business signs, store boards & displays, doors, glass and walls available in various sizes.

Montserrat bold letter stencils provide a very clean and elegant display suitable for many projects which require an 18th century inspired theme.

Product Features:

  • Montserrat typeface letter stencils, Bold type, Serif
  • Excellent & clear legibility
  • Heavy backing & reusable many times over
  • 26 uppercase and lowercase alphabets ( A-Z stencils )

Full Product Specifications:
Small stencil sizes available in:

  • 1/4 inch stencils ( 0.635 centimeters )
  • 1/2 inch stencils ( 1.27 centimeters )
  • 3/4 inch stencils ( 1.905 centimeters )
  • 1 inch ( 2.54 centimeters )
  • 1.5 inch / 1 1/2 inch ( 3.81 centimeters )
  • 2 inch ( 5.08 centimeters )
  • 2.5 inch / 2 1/2 inch ( 6.35 centimeters )
  • 3 inch ( 7.62 centimeters )
  • 3.5 inch / 3 1/2 inch ( 8.89 centimeters )
  • 4 inch ( 10.16 centimeters )
  • 5 inch ( 12.7 centimeters )

Product Qty: 26 stencils ( A-Z )
Letter-case: uppercase and lowercase sets.
Material: Premium heavy backing material. Clay-coated polyethylene.
100% fully recyclable, safe to use, Transparent file.

Buy now from: $15.95

Shipping: Within 2-5 days

Item ID: S-MONTS5307

Montserrat Small Letter Stencils Uppercase Montserrat Small Letter Stencils Lowercase

Preview individual letters

Larger letter previews available on each letter

Uppercase Montserrat letters

montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-a.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-b.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-c.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-d.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-e.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-f.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-g.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-h.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-i.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-j.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-k.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-l.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-m.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-n.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-o.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-p.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-q.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-r.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-s.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-t.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-u.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-v.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-w.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-x.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-y.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/uppercase/stencil-letter-z.jpg

Lowercase Montserrat letters

montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-a.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-b.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-c.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-d.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-e.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-f.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-g.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-h.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-i.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-j.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-k.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-l.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-m.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-n.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-o.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-p.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-q.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-r.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-s.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-t.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-u.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-v.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-w.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-x.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-y.jpg montserrat-sansserif-letters/lowercase/stencil-letter-z.jpg

SVG Letter Stencils
SVG Letter Stencils

NEW! SVG Letter and Number Stencils

What is a letter stencil?

If I had to describe a letter stencil in one sentence, It is a template to guide you as you scribe and trace letters and numbers onto surfaces.

Did you now a stencil alphabet can be used to create signs, posters, logos, artwork, banners and be used on other letter type based projects using common painting supplies. They are called stencil alphabets because the letter templates contain bridges.

We offer digital stencils (also called lettering templates) to help you make perfect letters every time. Stencils simplify the lettering process by laying out the drawing for you. Simply download the template, trace over the lines with a pencil and then paint in any color you want. Available in many formats such as PNG, PDF and SVG.

Custom Made Printable Stencil

Custom Made Printable Stencil

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PDF Letter Stencils
PDF Letter Stencils

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