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Did you know StencilLetters.Org is the go-to destination for anyone looking to print and cut their alphabet letter and number stencil templates? We've got over 100 typography designs available in multiple sizes and formats, such as PDF and SVG, so you can find the perfect lettering stencil in no time!

And best of all, it's all FREE! We're here to help you start your DIY craft project on a budget.

Whether doing a craft project or trying to make your own signs for business, having access to our free stencils will save you money and time. Print out our free stencil templates on paper or cardstock, cut them out with scissors or an X-Acto knife, and get going with your project!

Need a custom-made printable stencil in high-resolution 300 DPI?

Whatever letter or word, or phrase you need, we can create a high-resolution printable stencil template for you with our massive selection of fantastic typography designs.

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Whether you're a crafter looking to do your projects with printable stencils or just someone who needs to label things around the house with paint, we've got something for you. Our stencils are perfect for any project requiring letters or numbers — you can use them to decorate your walls, make signs, paint your drawers and cabinets, or anything else that needs labeling!


How long will it take to receive my printable stencil?

All custom template orders will be sent to your email address within 24 hours.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via our secure payment processor PayPal. You can pay for your stencils with funds in your PayPal account or any major credit card such as Visa or Mastercard.

More information on Custom made stencils!

Our custom made stencil products allow you to enter your own words, names, phrases, quotes and slogans including numbers from our huge range of letter design options. You can add letters and numbers. Feel free to add any punctuation as well. Simply let us know your desired size in Inches and we will prepare and send your high resolution 300 DPI printable file ready for printing and cutting.

All our product sizes are in Inches.

For uppercase and lowercase alphabet letter stencil sets (A-Z ) and Number sets ( 0 to 9 ).

Letter and number stencil sets are measured at the height of the tallest letter.

Uppercase letter height is measured from the baseline ( bottom ) and the cap-height ( top ) of the highest letter in each set. All other letters will be adjusted accordingly.

Uppercase set example:

Uppercase stencil letter measurement

Lowercase letter height is measured from the baseline ( bottom ) and the cap-height ( top ) of the highest letter in the set. All other letters will be adjusted accordingly.

Lowercase set example:

Lowercase stencil letter measurement

Number height is measured from the baseline ( bottom ) and the cap-height ( top ) of the highest number in the set. All other numbers will be adjusted accordingly just like the letters above. Most 0 to 9 number sets are of equal height.

For Custom Stencils, measurement is taken from the height and width of the ordered stencil size.

Example: A 2" X 6" size order ( 2" height & 6" width )

Custome stencil letter measurement

Your custom text will be designed to nearly the edges of the stencil with a little spacing around the edges and centered. If you prefer a left alignment or right alignment, please let us know in the order note field when you place your order.

All our custom printable stencils are sent in 300 DPI resolution and all characters have stencil bridges.

Thank you so much!